Is Attitude Really Everything?

A few years back after doing some speaking gigs, I was known as the ‘Tude Dude’ because of my extensive discussions about attitude. As a kick off to 2015, I will say that when people say that ‘attitude is everything’ they are completely accurate when it comes to personal power and productivity. I learned an astute formula from my friend Dr. Jim Samuels that really is a blueprint for manifesting desired outcomes.

The formula is ABC and it stands for Attitude, Behavior and Consequence. Look at your attitude as your point of view, or how you perceive things. Behavior is how you act or respond to situations. Consequences are the result of those actions. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you view what happens to you- your attitude. Attitude is something you can change or shift on command. By shifting your attitude, it changes your behavior. The result of altered behavior is a different outcome or consequence.

Kids please try this at work and home! When negative thoughts about someone or something invade your conscious thought process, stop and take notice. Make a conscious effort at that moment to shift your thought process to something desirable. Notice how this can affect your feelings, your body and your energy. You have just shifted your attitude and this is changing your behavior on the spot. The consequence of this may be immediately noticeable or noticeable over time. What is profound is that these shifts will truly alter the outcomes and events in your life… and you are the one who is responsible!